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Shinobi Menswear


After establishing several successful retail locations, Shinobi Menswear set their sights on developing their online store. They had an ambitious plan to compete with leading luxury platforms and they partnered with us for help getting started.

We redesigned and optimized their website, created strategies to grow their audience, established strong ongoing relationships with current and past shoppers, and increased traffic to both their online and retail locations through advertising.

Their online sales grew by 60% during their first six months of working with us.


REDESIGN + Optimize for sales

Having an engaging, easy-to-navigate website is essential for increasing sales. Most shoppers won’t spend more than a few seconds looking for a product. And if it’s hard to find or doesn’t appear in the right place, they’ll assume it’s not there and move on to your competitors.

To address this, Shinobi’s website needed new menu structures, clearly defined product categories, and the ability to quickly filter categories to find specific items. Setting this up allowed us to maximize the potential of turning every website visitor into a customer, so we could get the most out of all the traffic our advertising was driving.

We also focused on creating a homepage that presented more than just products. Shinobi needed a website that reflected luxury lifestyles, highlighted their exclusive brands, and could be easily updated to reflect changes in seasonal inventory.

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When it comes to business growth, a lot of emphasis is generally put on advertising. And while that is important (see below), it’s also expensive. To get the most out of bringing in new customers, you need an effective way to keep them engaged and shopping with your brand.

Shinobi’s inventory was continually changing to reflect new seasons and fashion trends, giving us a constant supply of new content to use for regular emails to current and former shoppers. These emails worked to keep Shinobi at the forefront of people’s minds, increasing their likelihood of becoming repeat shoppers.

We also added a popup that offered a discount code to new subscribers, allowing Shinobi to build trust with first-time buyers and lower the barrier to making a purchase. A popup with a discount code that sends subscribers into an automated funnel is also a hugely effective way of growing an email list and generating sales.

Social Media

COMPELLING + Brand Positioning

While the primary purpose of Shinobi’s social media presence was to promote and sell their products, we didn’t want the entire focus of their social feed to be promoting other luxury brands. Shinobi needed to establish their own brand and solidify themselves in the menswear marketplace. To accomplish this, we interspersed commentary on menswear fashion shows and celebrity apparel into their mix of posts. Many of these posts were successful not only with their existing audience but also in how they expanded their reach and accelerated account growth.

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Social media advertising


EXPOSURE + Increasing traffic and sales

To get the most out of advertising, it’s essential to have an optimized website, an effective customer retention strategy, and a consistent, engaging social media presence. We worked with Shinobi to get all of this in place before we started running ads.

When we began advertising, we tested a variety of imagery and creative to ensure we were running the most cost-effective ads possible, ultimately generating ads that cost just 4-6 cents per click.

We also created a series of ads to run on both Meta and Google with the sole purpose of increasing foot traffic to their retail locations. These ads were unique to each store and highly targeted by demographic and location.

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