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About Impossible Pink.

We love to dream, but we’re not just dreamers. We’re creators who turn dreams into plans, and then we strategize and implement until those dreams are a reality. If you’re leading a business, you know all about this.

You also know that without a little help, it can get overwhelming. Succeeding can start to feel impossible. This is where we come in. We were founded with a passion for helping each client (no matter the size or budget) grow their business and increase profits through effective websites, compelling emails, engaging social media, results-oriented advertising, and really, really good design.

We think the best way for you to learn about us is from our clients. Take all the time you need to read their testimonials, look at case studies and see the results. And then let us know when you’re ready to get started.

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Maggie Gulliford

Our Founder and Creative Strategist.

Maggie Gulliford brings nearly two decades of marketing and design experience to Impossible Pink. Years of print and digital design with non-profits and businesses across the United States have reinforced her belief that every word and piece of creative should contribute to an overall strategy for achieving the unique goals of the business. Really good design doesn’t just look awesome, it gets results!