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Brand Logo Design

Shine On DFW

The owners of Shine on DFW wanted to build a business that would empower their community by creating well-paying jobs that didn’t require extensive education or degrees. They wanted their brand logo design to be bright and cheerful, with a strong message of empowerment. So we got to work, designing a logo for them that encompassed their values and vision and had strong brand elements that would be easy to use on flyers, t-shirts, and community events.

Brand Logo Design

We’ll work with you to create something truly unique that represents your brand. And we never use stock graphics or common icons in our custom logo designs!

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We Love it When a Small Business Succeeds!

And a well developed brand is essential.

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Ultimately, branding is the process of creating a strategy that encompasses every aspect of how you will communicate with current and future customers. And you want it to be so compelling that it keeps them coming back again and again.
When your business launches, you’ll need to have a comprehensive plan that includes everything from the words and phrases you’ll use to colors, fonts, and the types of photos you want to represent your business. A full branding package should give a thorough sense of how your brand will look and sound across every platform you plan to use to communicate about your business. This includes business cards, letterhead, email signatures, social media post guidelines, product packaging, print pieces, signage, and more.
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Every logo we design is unique – tailor-made to represent a company’s vision, personality, and values. Take a look around.