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Company Logo Design

Ply Family Wellness

As graduates of UT Austin, the founders of Ply Family Wellness wanted their company logo design to represent the strong ties they felt toward their alma mater and the exceptional training it allowed them to bring into their practice.

To accomplish this, we combined a traditional chiropractic spine symbol with the state of Texas. And we made the dot over New Braunfels orange to emphasize their commitment to serving the local community.  The University of Texas at Austin’s burnt orange was the primary color they wanted in their logo, but orange can be intense. So we chose a complimenting blue to soften it and convey the overall therapeutic and healing values of their practice.

Company Logo Design

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Ultimately, branding is the process of creating a strategy that encompasses every aspect of how you will communicate with current and future customers. And you want it to be so compelling that it keeps them coming back again and again.
When your company launches, you’ll need to have a comprehensive plan that includes everything from the words and phrases you’ll use to colors, fonts, and the types of photos you want to represent your business. A full branding package should give a thorough sense of how your brand will look and sound across every platform you plan to use to communicate about your business. This includes business cards, letterhead, email signatures, social media post guidelines, product packaging, print pieces, signage, and more.
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