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One of the many ways Nomi Network works to end human trafficking is by helping young women in juvenile detention centers develop employment skills. They came to us for help creating a guided journal the women could use to reflect on what they were learning and plan for their futures.

Journal Design

LAYOUT + Branding

Because the program predominantly served women in juvenile detention centers, it was important to the instructors that it be fun and cheerful. They wanted the time the participants spent journaling to be a bright spot in their day. We accomplished this by using a blend of funky and hand-drawn fonts and brush-stroked lines. We also created interesting shapes to write in instead of simply providing lines for answering questions.

Nomi Network has a strong visual brand, and it was important to them that even with the fun, fanciful design, the journal still felt like it belonged to their organization. We were able to do this by using their brand colors and incorporating brand-specific elements in the cover design.

Nomi Network journal design

The Redesign

REFINE + Reach a Broader Audience

After using the journal for about a year, Nomi Network came back to us for a redesign. They wanted to rearrange the order of the activities, add personality tests, and increase the number of blank pages at the end. They also wanted to recolor the entire book so that it would also appeal to young men. 

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