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Life Coach Web Design + Scheduling Automation

Mete 360

After trying to set her business up using a one-size-fits-all life coach web design builder, Nicole came to us for help. She needed a digital platform that could schedule appointments, take one-time and recurring payments, and send automated communication. But, it needed to be simple enough for her to easily manage her client’s interactions and progress.



01. Research

Understaning Nuance

When Nicole approached us, she had already put a lot of thought into what she wanted to communicate to her potential clients. We worked with her to organize all the text she provided and then focused our efforts on understanding the nuance of what she does and filling in gaps with compelling, inviting messaging.

02. Design

Envisioning a Path to Success

With a high emphasis on identifying next steps and taking action, Nicole’s life coach web design needed an energetic feel. We accomplished that with lively colors and background patterns. And then we overlayed them with images to help readers envision how it would feel to live more authentically in work and life.


Choosing the Best Solution

In addition to an easy-to-use interface, Nicole needed a variety of solutions that were unique to coaching. She had a couple of options she was considering, but they were all expensive and complex. We were able to save her a significant amount of money by setting her up with Squarespace and Acuity Scheduling.

Custom Web Solutions

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As part of setting up scheduling for Mete360, we needed to identify the various on and off-ramps people would take throughout their coaching experience. This was a vital step toward ensuring that everyone received the right follow-up emails. Getting it right allowed Nicole to focus on engaging one-on-one with her coaching clients instead of managing schedules and sending repetitive reminder emails.

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