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Writer Portfolio Website

Megan DeRemigis

After settling into her niche of medical writing, Megan needed an updated writer portfolio website to highlight her area of expertise. She wanted something to showcase her experience and unique ability to connect with patients and providers.



01. Research

Visualizing the End Result

As a digital content writer, Megan didn’t need us to write the text for her website. Instead, we created a detailed template to help her visualize the page layout. Then, we gave her text prompts, CTAs, and word count suggestions, and she filled in the rest.

02. Design

A Hands-on Approach

Megan had a lot of experience in the digital space, and she knew exactly what kind of images she wanted. So we gave her access to our stock account and partnered with her in selecting images that conveyed the right message and met the website’s requirements.


Minimizing Downtime

Megan already had a web host and platform she was happy with. But everything else about her writer portfolio website needed to change. To minimize downtime, we waited until we had all the elements of her new site ready to go before we began the rebuild.

The Redesign

Most solopreneurs narrow their area of expertise as they go along. If you’ve reached a point where your website is broader than your services we can help you refine it so you’re reaching the right people.

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And an engaging website will play a key role in your growth.

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