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Counseling Web Design + Email + Business Profiles

Christian Love Hutcheson, Ph.D.

After 25 years as a counselor, Dr. Hutcheson’s thriving practice had reached the limitations of her current counseling web design. She knew what the problems were and came to us looking for comprehensive upgrades so she could more easily meet her client’s needs.



01. Research

A Unique Perspective

To create a welcoming space for potential clients to engage, we needed to talk about process addiction in a neutral, welcoming way. In addition to interviewing Dr. Hutcheson, we did a lot of our research into how people with addiction describe themselves and their experiences.

02. Design

Achieving Visual Balance

We began this counseling web design project by creating a calming visual space with muted colors. Then we overlayed it with images of healthy relationships and people overcoming challenges to affirm the hope that freedom is possible. This project is also unique in that most of the images are AI generated.


A Full Upgrade

Dr. Hutcheson needed help taking down her existing website and moving to a platform that was up to date with current web standards. We chose Squarespace because of its high commitment to quality and how user-friendly it is. Scroll down to see a few more of the digital solutions we set up for her.

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Email Solution

In addition to needing a new website, Dr. Hutcheson’s ability to use her business email was limited by storage size and exorbitant pricing. We were able to set her up with a new, feature-rich email solution. And we migrated her existing emails over to the new client servers so she could keep working without missing a beat.

Business Profiles

One of Dr. Hutcheson’s main concerns when she came to us was the difficulty new clients had locating her office. In addition to adding maps, directions, and office photos to her website, we added photos and an updated bio to her Google Business and Apple Maps listings.

Setting up these features is an absolute must for any business with a physical location! If you need help with this, schedule a call to see how we can help.

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