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Charly Bodycare


When we began working with Charly they had a proven product line and were seeing significant and consistent in-person sales, but weren’t having the same success with their online store. We began by running a simple holiday campaign to promote their best-selling products and boost online sales.
The campaign was so successful they asked us to stay on and run their marketing. Over the next year, we worked with them to develop and implement a full digital marketing strategy that included a complete website redesign, regular social media posts and ads, and ongoing email campaigns.
Their online sales grew by 900% during their first year as our client.


REDESIGN + Optimize for conversion

We knew Charly would need a more engaging website if we were going to see significant growth in sales . This is a crucial step and shouldn’t be overlooked in a marketing strategy. Without a website optimized to convert visitors to customers all that work posting to social, running ads, and creating email campaigns can fall flat. We wanted customers to have a consistently good experience from initial exposure to final purchase.

With the redesign we began to see an above average conversion rate, meaning there were a significant number of website visitors who chose to make a purchase.

Charly Web Design
Charly Email Design



Like most ecommerce businesses, as Charly’s sales grew so did her list of email subscribers. We knew that reaching out to these subscribers on a consistent basis was going to be an essential part of retaining customers. So we created monthly campaigns to announce new products, describe product benefits, and advertise sales.

Because of how effective our emails were in increasing web traffic and sales, we also wanted to invest in growing Charly’s email list. To do this we added a popup to her website that offered a discount for new subscribers. We then set up an email automation to send out discount codes and follow up with those who didn’t use them. This has proven to be a consistent source of growth, and it allows Charly to build trust with visitors who are interested but not quite ready to place an order.

Social Media

COMPELLING + Consistent posting

To get the most out of visually appealing photos and video, we created a content strategy and post schedule to guide our product promotion and copy. These are simple steps but they can have a big impact in ensuring regular high-impact posts. We noticed a significant increase in traffic and sales from both Instagram and Facebook.

Charly Reel
Charly Email Design


EXPOSURE + Increasing traffic and sales

Regular posting to social media and sending emails are essential for retaining customers and engaging with people who have expressed interest but haven’t yet made a purchase. However, they often don’t do enough to expose new people to the brand. With advertising, we were able to reach an even wider circle of potential customers who we knew would be interested in Charly.

We created ads for some of Charly’s most successful product lines targeting unique groups that we thought would be drawn to that line of products. We also built landing pages for the ads to enhance the shopping experience. With each ad campaign, we saw a direct increase in traffic and online sales.

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