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Coaching Web Design + Logo Design

Book Coaching

As a newly certified author coach, Rochelle wanted an engaging coaching web design that would connect with budding romance novelists and communicate her skill and expertise in coaching.



01. Research

Supporting the Expert

Usually we interview business owners and then write the website text ourselves. But as an experienced writer and subject matter expert, Rochelle wanted to write the text for her own site. So we sent her a detailed outline with prompts and word counts to get her started and then built the layout around what she sent us.

02. Design

Redefining the Vision

We’ve designed Rochelle’s website twice over the course of several years. This isn’t uncommon. New businesses often change a lot in the first few years, and the websites they launch with don’t always reflect their vision as they grow. We’re always happy to update our work to make sure a website is still reaching the right people.

03. Build

A Website that Does it All

We needed a solution that gave us the ability to build beautiful, engaging web pages but also manage products and take payments. And it needed to be easy to navigate so Rochelle could post to her blog. We wouldn’t recomend Squarespace for a large commerce website, but for coaching web design, it was the ideal choice.

Coaching Web Design

Your business needs a website that sets you apart as the expert you are.


Every business needs a logo, but depending on your marketing strategy, you may not need to invest in something complex or high-end. When Rochelle launched, she just wanted something simple to brand her website. So we created a simple logo with type treatments that captured her aesthetic and clearly established her as a book coach.

Coaching Logo Design BCRS

Rochelle’s Feedback

Maggie helped me with my original website and on a revamp when I was ready for a change. She is such an excellent professional to have in your corner. Not only does she cover the basics: professionalism, timeliness, and knowledgeable. She was also able to help me by advising when I wasn’t sure what I wanted or what “best practices” might be in a specific situation. She gave advice and helped me figure things out when I wasn’t sure which way to go. Finally she went above and beyond, exceeded my expectations and solidified me as a life long customer. Her prices are fair and she does excellent work. I just can’t say enough!

We Love it When a Small Business Succeeds!

And an engaging website will play a key role in your growth.

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