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Blended Together

Blended Together came to us for help with their book design and release. They were were in the final stages of writing, and wanted an engaging cover and layout that would connect with their audience. They also needed conference signage and creative for social media so they could promote the book before and after publication.

BTF Branding Meeting


Before doing any design, we met with the authors to talk about the transformational power of their book, clarify their audience, and get a sense of their overall brand.


Every part of this project was going to hinge on the book’s cover design so this was the first piece we created. We like to give our clients multiple design options to make sure we find the best creative expression.

BTF Book Cover Options
BTF Book Layout


After they selected the cover, we laid out the book pages, and delivered the press ready files for them to send to their printer.


 Next we got to work on the the promotional pieces for their event. They needed flyers and cards to collect information from people interested in their new book and non-profit organization.

BTF Conference Collateral
Print Piece Example

Strategic design can help you make a lasting impression and get better results. Let us know how we can help you make your print project a reality.


 We also designed a banner to set the stage at promotional events and conferences.

BTF Conference Sign
BTS Social Promo Posts


Finally, we created several images they could use to promote their upcoming book on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.