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The Name Matters

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Jun 18, 2020 | Featured, Positioning

What’s in a Name?

According to Al Ries & Jack Trout, a lot!

A good name should describe the problem your product solves in a way that is clear and almost generic.

Examples: Head & Shoulders, Shake ’n Bake, and Die Hard.

You can probably think of some notable exceptions to this rule. But, it’s important to remember that many of those were first to market. If your are the first person to release a product you can afford to use a non descriptive name like, Kleenex, Kodak, or Xerox.

If you aren’t first to market, give your product a name that you can build your position on.

“You have to select names that are almost, but not quite, generic.”

— Al Ries & Jack Trout

If you want to learn more about the best way to choose a name for your product, pick up your own copy of Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind.

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